Friday, 1 February 2013

20. A fresh start.

Hey guys, I'm back from my Thailand & HK trip. Okay that was like one month ago and yeah it's 2013 already, and guess what.. I'm already studying in college! Okay so, it's the 1st of February. One whole month has just passed and I'm still not aware of it. Well, I'm glad that I survived the first month of college. At first, I was a little worried that I would have turned into a wallflower or some antisocial college kid cause I'm totally separated from my Kuen Cheng people in college. I'm the only one in the Art Stream while the others are all striving in Science Stream. For a few moments, I actually questioned my decision of giving up Science to go for Arts but I guess I was wrong, cause life in MCKL is great, in fact it's much much better than my expectations. I met a bunch of awesome people here and no doubt, I'm lucky to have them with me in college. So, here are SOME of the lovely people I met in college.

My  favourite college mates - Inky, Yihua and Charlotte

Qi Xiang, Char, Joshua & Wilson

Alicia, Eunice & Becca!

Life in college may be fun, but I still can't help myself from missing my old schoolmates and the best friends who are far away from me. When I browse through my old photos and rewatch our videos, I notice how much I miss the good times with them. Reality is, it's no point bragging about how much you miss them if you don't even bother to do anything about it. Yes, their absence make me feel like a huge part of me has gone missing. And yes, we may not hang out as much as how we did last time, but if we just try to maintain our relationship, what's between us will still remain the same. Keep in touch in any way.  No doubt, our time will be occupied by assignments, new routines and new people but we should still keep in touch in any way. Reach out for the ones who are far away. Let them feel that you're just near, despite the distance you remain closer because best friends are the ones who keep in touch with you when they go away to college no matter how busy they are. See, we still love each other although we're apart. :) 

College mate-to-be
S.H.E Reunion

I'm not sure if I wanna blog about my 8D7N HK & Macau trip with the girlfriends, but here's our Vlog. Enjoy! (Sigh, my cantonese sucks)


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

19. A short post

It's 12/12/12. Perhaps it's a special day for some people, but for me it's just another ordinary day. I was being lifeless today, watching drama and sleeping. I was being the ever lifeless Yumi for the day. For the past week, I dyed my hair, went to the education fair & went on shopping sprees. This is the life. 

Shopping spree with the girls :)

Btw, I'm flying to Thailand tomorrow. Of all places, why Thailand? I've been to that place for so many times already. But on the bright side, I'm going to Hong Kong for the 3rd time after my Thailand trip, but this time with my BFFS. Yay! I iz happy!



Friday, 7 December 2012

18. SR2SCB: Now and Forever

Now, here's another post with more photos than words. Our SPM officially ended with the EST paper. Our class had our Graduation dinner held at Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid on that exact night. We reached there way before the dinner started and got dressed. Thank you Foonghui for doing my make-up, love it ttm although it's kinda light.

Invitation for Datin Khor Yumi. LOL.

Camwhoring in the washroom like we always do.

Matching Tattoos from Diva with Ximan <3

Jeff said that I looked like a China Prostitute here -_-

Reserved for us 

Hosts if the night: Hel, Nel & Val

After the hosts did the talking, our dinner began! The food there was not very good, and the Sashimi sucks. Okay, it doesn't matter as long as we're having fun together. Hehe, here's Kim wearing her ever weird smileeee :D

After munching on the food there, Nelson claimed that it was time for 自由活动 till 8pm. So, S.H.E and Ying Zhen had a walk around the mall. Well, if you're wondering who, S.H.E consists of Foonghui, Ximan and yours truly! I don't remember how we earned that name but it was okay for us. By the way, Foonghui is Selina, I'm Hebe and Ximan is Ella. LOL :)



Our camwhoring session got some attention from the people in the mall, but we just ignored those eyes. Back to Shogun, we continued to camwhore! Girls being girls :)

Sei Gay Lou Jeff told me that lying on a cushion like that was great -.-

Me and the two hottest guys in class.

CCC was being utterly 淫 before this photo was taken.

My deskmate Jia Shin :)

Val :)

Boob-eating Xinhui

Boob-eating Xinhui #2

The Ji  Mui, Nelson 

KY & KY 

Yumi & Yumi

Camwhoring with my 相公. 

The Yam lou, Ivan

Okay, it was Ice-cream time! Those assholes mixed Wasabi into Green Tea Ice-cream and started pranking around. I knew something was fishy, but I ate the Wasabi anyway. They thought I'd cry but they were so wrong! I love Wasabi and my expression did not change a bit. Hahaha :)

Okay, it was time for the award-giving ceremony. I was the Guest of Honor for the Class King award. I had to put on a necktie for the Class King. You can watch it  HERE. Results as shown.

Class King: Leon
Class Queen: Foonghui
Class Ahgua: Jeff
Star of the Night: Lih Fhung

May I present the Class King and Queen!

And it was time for some games! Two people biting on the same Rocky, with a rubber band in the middle. The person who gets the rubber band with his or her mouth wins, and the prize was...Nothing! :) And they pushed me up to play the game twice. Here are some photos and videos from our game session!

I love the video thumbnail. 

Dao Xie & Wei Vern. 绯闻男女 since 2010 :)

Victor and Jeff! 

Becca & Xiang 

Yu Quan & Ying Zhen 

This photo was just for camwhoring purposes, it's not part of the game :)

It was time for the teachers to do some talking. Nelson shouted: 起立! 行礼! and we greeted our teachers for the last time. Sigh, I'm so gonna miss their cute ways of entering our class, and also Nelson's 专属的起立行礼 :'(

Our mummy giving us a speech :)

After the speeches, we sang our song - 承诺. Everyone held hands and sang this song for one last time. I'm glad that Ying Zhen recorded the entire moment and guess what, me and Fhui kissed like twice. Haha I'm so gonna miss her :'( Here's the video. It may seem like nothing to you, but it means a lot to us :') 

承诺 + 感言

Hebe Yumi

Selina Foonghui


Me & Class King Leon

Laopo Zing Yi 


We love Mummy :)

Favourite Math teacher Ah Fai :)

Boula Helena <3

Huimin was stunning :)

The Biggest Suyen.. hehe jk :)

My partner Kyee

Blowjob kaki

Me & Bian Tai Lao

My ex-deskmate :)

你们两个背着我搞? :(

My favourite Brother, Xiang 


Oli <3

Yumi <3

Val <3

Me and Yingzhen's scarf


一生一世的姊妹 ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Both of us were sorta high that night. Haha. 

My Lxxer

Helena <3


Photos of the night:

Notice the similar shapes of our mouths? When the photographer said 1,2,3 we shouted "SEX" and the photo was taken. TEEHEE!

Science B Girls at their best!


Science Orchestrians with their invisible instruments 


After everything ended..

Because heels were too torturing.

A Goodbye kiss with fhuii

OOTN: Zara Top, H&M Asymmetrical skirt, Nose Wedges.

More photos  HERE!

BYE <3

The night ended like that. It was indeed our last night together, as Senior Two Science B. I hate goodbyes, but goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean that we'll miss each other until we meet again :') Well, 5 years passed on so fast. It has been an incredible ride and it did reached the climax during Senior High. I love you guys forever, and I really mean it. SR2SCB, Now and Forever